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The Opinel Round Ended Junior Knife is Ideal for the Younger generation as these Knives have a Blunt Rounded End to Prevent some of the accidental injuries that can happen from a knife that has a Point on it. These are Made from High Carbon Stainless Steel and real Wood for the Handle which has the Twistlock Mechanism to prevent accidental closures.

Opinel Round Ended Junior No7 Wood 8cm

  • For Purchasing Knives Please  bring Photographic ID when Buying them from the shop. JD Blades has a "NO ID NO SALE" Policy in place. Identification must have Name, Address, Date of Birth, and Photo. If for any reason your ID does not have all this information then TWO Forms of ID is Required Such as Passport and a Utility Bill. ID must be produced at every time of purchase. 
    To place an order please eMail John at or call 07857 304106 to place the order. 
    Buyers must be 18+ years of age.

    Acceptable Photographic Identifcation:

    • Photo Driving Licence 
    • Passport
    • CitizenCard OR Post Office Proof of Age Card

    Proof of Address:

    • Utility Bill such as Council Tax, Water, Electric, Gas Bill
    • Bank Statement
    • Department of Work and Pensions Letter
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