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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can't Air Rifles or Pistols be sent direct to me?
    The UK has a law which is called the Violent Crimes Reduction Act and under Section 32: When sales and transfers are made, the RFD, or representative of an RFD, and the buyer must both be present at the time of transfer. A ‘representative’ is a reference to - (a) A person employed by the seller in his business as a registered firearms dealer (b) A registered firearms dealer who has been authorised by the seller to act on his behalf in relation to the sale (c) A person who is employed by a person falling within paragraph (b) in his business as a registered firearms dealer Note: ‘transfer’ includes hiring, giving, lending or parting with possession and ‘representative’ is commonly referred to as a ‘servant’ in the Firearms Acts.
  • Can Air Weapons be Sold Mail Order?
    No. All sales or transfers will have to be on a face-to-face basis with the buyer or his representative. RFDs may sell air guns to people at a distance, but only through another RFD who will then ensure the air gun is transferred face-to-face. A face-to-face sale may also be conducted by a servant of the RFD who completes the transfer away from the business premises i.e. by delivering the air weapon to the customer. The transfer must still be recorded in the dealers register. Simple advertising of firearms and air weapons is allowed on the internet. To avoid problems with police or e-transaction companies it is good practice to ensure that your website is clear about mail order being illegal and that web pages do not allow items to be ordered or placed into an e-shopping basket. This means that the webpage is separate from the mail sales area of your website and is simply a page of air gun product advertisements, with descriptions and price details only.
  • What are internet based Airgun sales?
    Advertising air weapons on the internet and collecting payment by e-commerce websites is permitted, but the final transfer of the gun must be completed face-to-face and not by mail order
  • What does Army Surplus mean?
    Army Surplus is new or most likely used Military Clothing, Boots, Jackets, Pouches, and anything related to use in the military.
  • What condition is Army Surplus clothing?
    It varies on the condition. We try our best to get the best quality items possible and we try to grade them the best we can. a/ New: Brand new but may be out of the packaging for display purposes. b/ Grade 1, is used in excellent condition c/ Grade 2, used in ok condition. May show signs of wear and tear
  • How old do I have to be to buy an Airgun or Blank Firing Pistol?
    18 Years or older is the minimum age to purchase any of these and this does include airsoft BB guns. We would also need to see Photographic Identification and / or Bank or Credit card as proof of age and identity.
  • What are valid forms of Identification?
    For Airgun purchases we require Two forms of identification. One must be Photographic Identification which must contain Name, Date of Birth, and Address- this can be in the form of Driving License, or Passport. The second form of Identification must have proof of Name - This can be a Credit/Debit Card, BASC Membership Card, BASA Membership Card. For Knives and Bladed Articles we require persons to fill out proof of age form and to produce one valid form of proof of age - This can be Driving License or Passport. Reason for requiring these are to help reduce crime under the Violent Crimes Act (VCR). Please help us to reduce crime in our local area and don't be offended if we refuse sale for incorrect Identification.
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