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The 3 Blade Lock Knife is Great for Bushcrafting, Camping, Fishing or Hunting. The main Blade and the Gutting Blade with Guthook is 7.5cm in Length and the Saw Blade is 6cm in Length. 
The handle is made from ABS Plastic and is hard wearing. 
I also have these available in Wood or Camo Handle 

Kombat Tactical 3 Blade Bushcraft Lock Knife

  • For Purchasing Knives Please  bring Photographic ID when Buying them from the shop. JD Blades has a "NO ID NO SALE" Policy in place. Identification must have Name, Address, Date of Birth, and Photo. If for any reason your ID does not have all this information then TWO Forms of ID is Required Such as Passport and a Utility Bill. ID must be produced at every time of purchase. 
    To place an order please eMail john at or call 07857 304106 to place the order. 
    Buyers must be 18+ years of age.

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