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The milbro 2020 range are great professional scopes that are not just for Hunting but are great for the all types of  Target shooter. The scopes are crystal clear and come complete with illuminated Cross Hairs (Red, Green, Blue) with 3 brightness settings, The Reticle is Mil-Dot, Lockable Scope Adjustment, High Quality Aluminium body, High Precision Mounts,Mounts and Sunshade as standard. 


John the Airgun Guy's Views


I have had one of these scopes on test and I must say that I am impressed with the quality of this scope.

I have been using this scope on my Air Arms S410 for about 3 weeks now and the results are quite unexpected. The optics are crystal clear and the cross hairs are half mil-dot. The mounts that  came with the scope are great quality and there was no need to add a shim unlike most cheaper mounts.  Once the scope was all set up on the rifle I zeroed firstly with a rough zero using my laser bore sighter and then fine tuned it in to my standard 25yd zero by using the finger adjustable turrets which once zeroed you just push them back in to lock them in. The adjustment is 1/8th inch at 1000yds  which is perfect for any type of target shooter.

I have tested this scope out to 70yds and it has performed brilliantly at every distance Starting at 20yds, 25yds, 30yds, 40yds, 50yds and 70yds. The Distance focus is done by twisting the front objective which is super smooth and easy and very accurate. The cross hairs can be illuminated in Three brightnesses and in Three colours which are Red, Green and Blue. When I was testing in woodland I found the Blue illumination the best as it didnt blend in with the colours of the tree leaves and in open field Red was best. Green however is ideal for indoor ranges.  

I was also very impressed with the Anti Vibration system that has been built into the scope as this will keep your cross hairs set to where you want them and it stops your recoil adjusting  the cross hairs accidentally, perfect for precision shooting such as bench rest competitions. 

The scope comes as a complete kit with High Quality 2 Piece Mounts, Flip Up Lens Caps, Scope, Cloth and Battery all in the one box which makes these scopes great value for money.

The Milbro 2020 Series of optics are an up and coming range and I highly recommend them to any target shooter as they are  affordable and better than the other scopes in this price range. My one I am happy to keep using it on my Air Arms S410 for when I need to do product testing that requires my Air Rifle.

Milbro 2020 Scope 5-20X50 AOIR UHD

  • These items are available for collection at our shop in Polegate East Sussex BN26 5AB. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have with regards to sending items in the post, please feel free to contact us on 01323 487799 or email us at 

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