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  • Licensed by Schmeisser International
  • Durable full metal receiver construction
  • Imitation wood furniture keeps the external look authentic
  • Under folding stock makes the MP40 ideal for close quarters
  • Functioning mock charging handle
  • Front and rear sling point
  • Drop free magazine

Hugo SCHMEISSER was born in Germany on September 24, 1884. He can be considered as the John Browning of Germany. In order to stop the heavy losses resulting from trench warfare (1915-1917), the German High Command decided to design an easy to handle weapon capable of rapid fire. In 1918, Hugo SCHMEISSER and the Bergmann company released the MP18/1, of which some 35 000 units were produced. Despite the German capitulation and the restrictions imposed by Treaty of Versailles, Hugo SCHMEISSER secretly developed the MP28, MP34 and MP36. This work led to the famous MP40. He was also responsible for the Sturmgewehr 44. He was forcibly recruited by the Red Army from 1946 to 1952 to participate in the development of arms.

Manufacturer: Cybergun (Licensed by Schmeisser International)

FPS Range: 330-360


Length: 615mm / 845mm (Folded/ Total)
Weight: 2940g Lbs
Inner Barrel: 270mm
Magazine Capacity: 55rd Mid-Capacity
Muzzle Velocity: ~1.2 Joules (Measured with 0.20g BBs)
Gearbox: Ver 3 Full Metal
Motor: Short Type
Fire Modes: Full Auto Only
Battery: 8.4v Brick Type recommended (Test battery and charger included. Wired to body with small Tamiya connector)
Hopup: Yes, Adjustable
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, 8.4v Battery, Charger, Loader, Sling, Manual

Cybergun Schmeisser MP40 AEG 6mm

  • This product is for the UK Market only. We cannot ship to any other country without an Export License in place.

    Due to changes in the law (VCR Act-Oct 2007) you have to be 18 years or older to purchase  ANY firearm Air Gun (including Airsoft Guns), Suppressor, Moderator or Silencer. This item can be collected in store with Two valid forms of identification.  Guns, Suppressors, Moderators or Silencers CANNOT be posted to your home address. It is illegal to send them through the post but we can arrange for your order to be sent to your local RFD (for non-local customers) via a secure courier for you to collect. There will be a cost for this service.
    Airsoft Realistic Imitation Firearms (RIF), To Purchase an Airsoft RIF  you must have a right to defence meaning you st follow strict criterior to do so under the Violent Crime Reduction Act (VCR). If you do not have a right to defence we can still sell you airsoft but it must be two toned in a bright colour, We can undertake two toning but this would be done as a customisation and therefor the item CAN NOT be returned for refund. We will however fix faults to the gun and return to you at extra cost to customer. 
    The Cost for Customisation is: £10.00
    Customisation takes around 3-5 Working Days

    For Further information email: or call 01323 487799

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